What Is Included in a Relocation Package?

by Best Movers on May 26, 2013

Relocation PackageIt is essential that you take a very close look at the relocation package offered to you if ever you are presented with the opportunity to relocate your job. The reason for this goes beyond the fact that you will need whatever job relocation package you will receive to help you get started at your new job location. It’s more because a ┬ájob relocation often requires you making decisions that will have a lasting impact not just on your life but also on your family. The relocation package you will get should be worth the chaos that moving to a new city or even to a new country will bring into your life.

So, if you are going to be relocated, what should be included in your relocation package?

Your Moving Expenses

The standard relocation package varies from company to company. At the very least, your employer should be able to cover your moving expenses when they ask you to relocate, as well as provide you with assistance regarding your housing concerns. Relocating to a new city can be stressful, not to mention expensive. You have to find a suitable place to live in your new city, pack your belongings and transport them to your new home, among a myriad other concerns.

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When your employer asks you to move, you should at least be given an allowance to pay for the services of a professional moving company and for whatever supplies you will need to pack your belongings. You can choose to pack your own boxes, but you will still need to hire a van and maybe professional movers to haul your stuff. You may also own special items that require specific moving instructions, such as pianos, artworks and antiques. Moving those kinds of items will involve additional fees.

Your Housing Concerns

More important than your expenses is the question of which house or apartment you will be staying in when you relocate to your new job. You may not have the available funds to extend towards the down payment to a new home or the advance rent to an apartment. Your employer should be able to provide you these funds you need to buy or rent a new home when they ask you to relocate.

There is also the question of your old home. If you own your house, you will have to make the decision whether to lease out or sell your property. If you do decide to sell, you will have to deal with a bunch of paperwork, and you may have to pay fees and the services of retainers to get the paperwork done. Your employer should be able to help you out with the expenses involved in your selling your house as much as possible.

Relocation-Related Traveling Expenses

Is your employer asking you to relocate to a different state or country altogether? In that case, you may need to travel to your soon-to-be new place of residence at least once or twice before you actually move there. There are many reasons why such trips may be necessary. The most obvious one is house-hunting. If you have kids and they are relocating with you, you will have to find them good schools to transfer to. Moreover, you have to be acclimated to the conditions in your new city so you won’t be in for a complete shock once you move. For out-of-state or overseas job relocations, the typical relocation package includes transportation, accommodations and per diem allowances for such trips.

Assistance with Relocating Your House and Kids

One of the biggest reasons a job relocation is never easy is it usually involves family. This especially applies when you are married with kids. You will have to decide whether your family should relocate with you or not, and it is a decision you have to make with your family, not just by yourself.

You should expect some resistance from your family about the idea of moving to a new home because of your job relocation. Your spouse may have a career of their own, and this career may be gravely affected by the move. Your kids will not want to move to a new school and leave their friends behind.

If your company is big enough, it may assist you regarding this matter as part of the relocation package. They may provide leads as to which companies in your new city are hiring and which ones may be a good fit for your spouse. They may also help you find new schools for your kids.

What If Your Company Doesn’t Offer You a Relocation Package?

Most companies would have their own corporate relocation package. After all, a relocation package serves not just as an incentive for the employee to accept the relocation but also as a means of assisting them with the move. How big or small these packages are depends on a number of factors, including what qualifications you may have to avail of these packages. If you are offered an opportunity to relocate but your direct supervisor has not informed you of what relocation package you are qualified for, then you should head on to your company’s human resource department to see what package is coming to you.

What if your company doesn’t have a relocation package or it turns out that the package you are qualified for is too small for you. In such a situation, you will have to decide if the job relocation is something you want and is advantageous for you. If you want the relocation despite the lack of an appropriate relocation package because of the benefits you will receive in the long run, then you should go for it. But if the hassle of the move outweighs the benefits, you can always say no.

Job relocation is never easy. That’s why most companies have a relocation package set up in the first place. The relocation package helps sweeten the deal as well as provides the moving employee with the assistance they need. If you’re offered a job relocation, it is very important to look at the relocation package you are qualified for so you can decide if moving to another place because of your work is worthwhile for you or not.

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